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P2004 Bravo de Luxe


Acest avion a fost vândut. Avem disponibil pe stoc modelul din 2022. Mai multe informații găsiți AICI

For sale/ De vanzare avion ultrausor:

P2004 Bravo De Luxe YR-5333 Specs/Specificatii:

  • Flight hours/ore de zbor: 180h
  • Engine/Motor: Rotax 912ULS 100HP
  • Propeller/Elice: GT 2 blades
  • Class/Clasa: ULM 2 seats
  • Avionics/Instrumente: Speed in kts, Altimeter in ft, vario, EFIS Dynon D10A, MicroAir 760 Radio, Garmin Transponder, GPS GARMIN 296, Rotax engine instrumets complete
  • Balistic Parachute/Parasuta Balistica: Yes
  • Price/Pret: 63000 Euro.

[RO] Daca nu aveti licenta de pilot aceast lucru nu trebuie sa va descurajeze deoarece se poate obtine usor facand scola de zbor chiar pe acest avion impreuna cu un instructor autorizat.
Pentru clientii din Romania asiguram suport tehnic si hangarare la Aerodrom Sirna. P2004 Bravo este un avion extrem de stabil si sigur in exploatare care va oferi satisfactii atat pilotilor incepatori cat si celor experimentati. Cu viteze superioare de zbor P2004 Bravo poate fi folosit pentru deplasari pe distanta lunga in timpul zile in conditii meteo bune (VFR ZI). Se poate incerca in zbor la Aerodromul Sirna cu o programare prealabila.
Costurile de intretinere sunt foarte scazute, reviziile sunt la 100h de zbor. Puteti zbura cu P2004 Bravo oricand doriti - VFR ZI - cu o simpla aprobare care se obtine pe loc telefonic.
Pretul si conditiile de finantare sunt negociabile.
Contactati-ne si va vom putea oferi sfaturi, sugestii si raspunsuri la intrebarile dumneavoastra.

[EN] P2004 Bravo De Luxe One of the newest of the Tecnam LSA aircraft collection, the P2004 Bravo is a high wing, 2 seat airplane with side by side seating powered by a Rotax 912 ULS (100hp) engine. The "Bravo" features a tapered, laminar flow, cantilevered wing, large slotted flaps, and a streamlined fuselage. With unparalleled visibility and positive control responsiveness the P2004 Bravo was the result of Tecnam`s program of continuous improvement of their aircraft using information gathered from thousands of flight hours over time over time in hundreds of planes in a variety of conditions. The end result is a high performance airplane with a range ideal for touring and yet flexible enough for flying schools.

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Max Range

926 km

Max Speed

222 km/h


Two seats side by side.

Fuel Consumption

Only 17 l per hour, AVGAS and MOGAS Automotive Fuel


The Tecnam line employs a monocoque construction style using sheet aluminium over steel tubing. The wing is all aluminium and constructed in a conventional way with a single spar and metal torsion box. The leading edges of the wings and are easily detachable for repairs. The fuel tanks are each 55 l and are located in the wings separated from the fuselage for safety. A rear window completes the extraordinary visibility allowing 360 degrees of vision in the cockpit. The all-moving tailplane provides remarkable longitudinal hands-off stability along with minimum drag and weight penalty providing balanced, 2 finger, flight control. The wide slotted flaps, electrically activated, allow stall speed lower than 40 Kts. The Bravo has 38 degrees of flaps making steep approach landings easier. The all aluminium ailerons are effective in allowing for a quick roll rate without being overly sensitive. All control surfaces are made out of aluminium.

Interiors Details

Seats are adjustable in flight and increase in height as they are moved forward. The luggage area allowing for 44 pounds of weight is located behind the seats with ample room for several travel bags All Tecnam aircraft have dual control sticks with a curve at the base for ease of ingress and egress The dual controls come standard with PTT and electric stabilator trim on the stick with a trim indicator on the panel. The interior is spacious, ergonomic and comfortable. Dual throttles allow the pilot to fly either left or right handed. Heat and defrost are standard. The fresh air vents are conveniently located in the doors. All Tecnam aircraft provide excellent forward visibility over the cowling. The planes come with dual conventional rudder pedals with a steerable nose wheel. The wide instrument panel is designed to accommodate a full variety of instrumentation, from a standard 6 pack to fully integrated EFIS installations. The all new instrument panel is modular for ease of avionics installations.

Standard Equipment

Flight instruments and indicators

Magnetic compass
Airspeed ind., Kts
Altimeter dual mode (in/mb)
Vertical speed
Bank indicator
Flaps indicator
Pitot system
Static system
Stabilator trim position indicator

Engine instruments

Dynon D10 Includes:
Hour Recorder
Oil Press
Oil Temp.
Head Temp.
Fuel Press.
Lh + rh fuel qty

Flight controls

Hydraulic Brakes
Parking Brake
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Steerable nose wheel
Stabilator trim (electric actuated from stick)
Engine controls:
Throttle, two Choke
Flight trim controls:
Stabilator with indicator
Fuel control selector with on/off
Panel switches:
Fuel pump
Engine lh and rh ignition switches

Electrical system

12 Volt 18a amp. Battery
12 Volt alternators-21 amp.
landing light
strobe light
12 Volt socket
Circuit fuses panel

Fuel system

Two integral fuel tanks with 100 litres Total capacity Engine driven fuel pump Auxiliary fuel pumps, electric Fuel quick drain


Pilot and copilot seats
Adjustable fore and aft
Arm rest
Seat belts & shoulder harness, all seats
Wall to wall carpeting
Map e storage pockets
Luggage compartments


Epoxy corrosion proofing, all structure Lh/rh front door pilot/copilot, lock and key Rear window
All windows tinted
Tie down rings
Main wheels, 5,00 x 5
Nose wheel, 4,00 x 6

Cabin Comfort System

Windshield defroster
Ventilator adjustable, 2 place
Heating system

Powerplant and Propeller

Engines - 1 Rotax 912ULS 100 hp, 4 cylinders Liquid/air cooled, integrated reduction gear Dual ignition system Throttle control lh/rh Tubular steel engine mount Propeller - gt propeller, 2 blade fix Propeller spinner Fire sleeve on fuel and oli tubes Air filter Oil filter Oil and water coolers

Product Support and Documents

Manufacturers Full Two Year Limited Warranty
Pilots Operation Handbook
Maintenance Manual


Aircraft Dimensions

Wing Span 29,2 ft
Wing Area 118 sq/ft
Fuselage Length 21,6 ft
Fuselage Height 8,5 ft
Cabin Width 45 in
Baggage Allowance 44 lb


Engine Manufacturer ROTAX 912 ULS2/S2
Engine Power 100 hp
Time Before Overhaul 2000 hrs
Propeller Manufacturer Tonini GT

Design Weight & Loading

Maximum Take Off Weight Design Weight: 600 kg – 1320 lb
Standard Equipped weight 740 lb
Useful Load 580 lb


Vmax 120 kts
Cruise Speed 75% 116 kts
Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) 45 kts
Pratical ceiling 14.500 ft
Take off run 1020 ft
Landing Run 1070 ft

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