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University Of Alaska Receives Its First Tecnam P2006T Twin
P2006T at UAA

Tecnam at 20th October announced the completion of a most remarkable and successful journey of over 4,000 miles from Tecnam USA Inc.’s new Sebring, Florida showroom and delivery center to Anchorage, Alaska of a brand new Tecnam P2006T Twin to the University of Alaska’s Aviation Technology Division.
Ashley Burrill, Flight Operations General Manager for the University of Alaska accompanied by Graham Frye the Flight School Manager of Heart of Virginia Aviation, one of Tecnam USA Inc.’s regional sales agents, achieved this faultless delivery flight.
The Tecnam P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice by many of the world’s leading Flight Training Organisations. Bringing together the Italian innovation, engineering and design flair, the P2006 offers outstanding value coupled with very low operating costs.

“The Tecnam P2006T is the newest addition to our training fleet of 11 aircraft”, says Rocky Capozzi, Director of Aviation Technology, at the University of Alaska. “The UAA Aviation Technology Division identified the P2006T as an excellent solution for a new twin trainer—reasonable acquisition costs, excellent operational economy and a modern glass cockpit”. Roughly 450 of the 20,000 students in the University are involved in aviation programs, with about 70 of them pursuing professional flight training. Other programs include Aviation Maintenance, Air Traffic Control, and Aviation Management.

According to Rocky, “Alaska depends on aviation to a degree almost unimaginable by people in the lower 48 states with over 200 communities without any road access so relying exclusively on aviation for fuel, food and medical evacuation.” With snow and ice present for a good portion of the year, Rocky adds that, “a high-wing, all metal structure made good sense to us”. In conclusion, Rocky explains that, “Few programs serve the needs of the State more directly than UAA’s Aviation Technology program and we look forward to many years of service from our Tecnam P2006T.”

According to Phil Solomon, of Heart of Virginia Aviation, “the folks at the University of Alaska have been a delight to work with and we look forward to supporting their programs for years to come and we appreciate that they, like many others around the world, view the Tecnam P2006T Twin as having the advantages of a twin at the operating costs of a single”.