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UK Jersey Aero Club choose Tecnam

from left: Walter Da Costa, Tecnam Global Sales Director, Chris Brook, Jersey Aero Club Director

Tecnam announced today that Jersey Aero Club has placed an order for two P2008JC MkII and one P2010aeroplanes.

The decision follows a rigorous selection process with the Jersey Aero Club team undertaking evaluation flights at Tecnam’s Capua, Italy production and flight test facility.

One of the most impressive, respected and best loved clubs in the British Isles, the Jersey Aero Club was formed in 1950. It is located in the English Channel 100 miles (160km) south of mainland Britain yet only 14 miles from the coast of France and has opted for Tecnam aeroplanes to enable it to extensively upgrade in flight training capabilities.

The Tecnam P Twenty Ten is the first new single engine, high wing, four-seat aircraft from Tecnam that brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator.

The P Twenty-Ten in its standard configuration is powered by the renowned 180 HP Lycoming IO-360 and has a high fuel capacity of 240lt, 63.4 US Gal. The aircraft will be equipped with the G1000 Nxi from Garmin and premium leather interiors, suitable for cross country IFR operations.

The Tecnam P2008JC MkII with will include VFR Night package and Premium interior with the standard Garmin’s innovative G3X Touch display with a MD302 attitude instrument and two radios.

Chris Brook, Jersey Aero Club, said: “We are excited to move to the next chapter of Jersey Aero Club with Tecnam as our partner. The choice of Tecnam was due to their whole life cost, unique construction, safety record and advanced avionics giving the organisation the ideal platform to provide flight training in The Channel Islands as well as the wider area.”

Walter Da Costa, Tecnam Global Sales and Marketing Director says: “We are very proud to have met all of Jersey Aero Club’s requirements for delivering exceptional flight training standards in such a special location.”

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About Jersey Aero Club
One of the most impressive and best loved clubs in the British Isles, The Jersey Aero Club (JAC) was formed in 1950 and offers a full range of services and facilities. Whether you are a private pilot visiting the Island, looking to hire a light aircraft or wishing to undertake a flight training course.

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Jersey Aero Club choose Tecnam