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Tecnam Astore Achieves Its First Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Registration
Khalid al Kather, Tecnam Qatar shows the certification with the Astore in the background

Working in cooperation with ’TECNAM’s UAE Dealer’, Tecnam is delighted to announce that the Tecnam Astore has achieved certification approval by the State of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.
With Qatar CAA certification achieved, Aviation Home have delivered the first Tecnam Astore (A7-AUM) into the Middle East region. The Astore joins many other aircraft in the Tecnam range, including the P2006T Twin and P2002JF aircraft already in service throughout the Middle East/GCC countries.

Combining delightful Italian styling, the latest technological innovations /integration and the most wide selection of options (interiors, exteriors and avionic suites), including air conditioning system, the Tecnam Astore is already successfully operating in North America and Europe.

The Tecnam Astore will also incorporate the ‘FlyCool™ Air Conditioning system’.

FlyCool™ is an ultra lightweight, all-electric, vapor cycle air conditioning system developed by US based Air Management Technology, Inc., as a high performance solution which will be greatly appreciated in the hot operating conditions of the Middle East. The ‘FlyCool™ Air Conditioning system’. Will be progressively available to be installed on many of the Tecnam aircraft.

The Tecnam ‘Astore’ design affords the pilot the smoothest and most pleasurable flight with innovations such as an Apple iPad mini supplied with each aircraft as standard. For this reason, Tecnam is the first GA manufacturer to ensure its customer benefit from access via a wireless connection to the expanded range of Garmin® Connext™ products and features.

This new integration device will allow the complete communication between the Garmin G3X touch onboard suite and the portable device for flight planning, flight display and many other, including the future possibility of text message communication (SMS).

Additionally, the pre-installed dedicated Tecnam Astore app will compute the actual Weight and Balance, provide checklists and include all the Pilot Operating Handbook sections. Everything at the pilot’s fingertips!