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Tecnam announced today the EASA and FAA certification approval of the Leica City Mapper installation on the P2006T SMP.

The Leica CityMapper is specifically designed for 3D city modelling and urban mapping. It is the world’s first hybrid airborne sensor combining both oblique and nadir imaging as well as a LiDAR system.

The Tecnam P2006T SMP has been produced to support a wide range of special missions and applications, such as search and rescue, reconnaissance, immigration surveillance/border patrol, drug trafficking and law enforcement roles. It is fully able to replace, support and drastically reduce the use of far more expensive and complicated assets such as the deployment of CS/FAR 25 airplanes, helicopters and coast guard vessels. the Tecnam P2006T SMP achieves a step change in the delivering of aerial mapping missions by establishing a cost effective and unique solution for special mission operators.

Unbeatable value, low ownership, operating and maintenance costs coupled with innovative design and combined with the Rotax ‘912S’ engines efficiency ensures the Tecnam P2006T SMP affords high mission reliability as well as lower noise emissions.

With a payload capacity optimized for CityMapper (plus a PAV100 gyro stabilized mount), the Tecnam P2006T SMP can easily perform mapping missions of up to 4 hours with both a pilot and camera operator on board.

The P2006T SMP’s high wing and retractable landing gear allows for a ‘no view obstruction’ for external cameras and operator FoV (Field of View). This potentially may make the difference between mission success and failure or as a worst case, poor collected data package.

“In just four years since we introduced the TECNAM P2006T SMP, it has firmly established itself as the aerial platform of choice with so many operators around the globe. Today with the option of the Leica City Mapper sensor embodiment, the SMP offers our customers the highest quality/price ratio currently available on the market.” said Fabio Russo, Chief Project R&D and Product Development.

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