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Go green, Go Tecnam!
Tecnam today re-enforced its commitment to a ‘greener’ General Aviation future by confirming that EASA have approved the use of MOGAS for all Tecnam P2010 aeroplanes.

MOGAS fuel ensures Tecnam P2010 flyers will benefit from even more cost effective operations and produce significantly lead free emissions.

Tecnam have been endeavouring from the initial design concepts for the P2010 to offer its customers a MOGAS fuel alternative. The selection of Lycoming IO-360M1A to power this next generation four-seater was in fact mainly a result of its capability to burn alternative fuels other than “aviation” ones.

Existing Tecnam 2010 owners and operators will also to benefit from EASA’s approval as aircraft already delivered are also approved to utilise MOGAS.

The approval of this major design change by EASA sets an important milestone on Tecnam’s “green transition” as the first worldwide aircraft manufacturer able to obtain such a wide, flexible and non single-brand related choice, as well as the first GA manufacturer capable of obtaining approval for use of automotive fuel on IO-360 Lycoming engine.

All Tecnam General Aviation, 2 and 4 seats, single and twin engines aircraft, are now able to operate with environment friendly fuels, especially MOGAS containing up to 2.000 times less lead than 100LL!

“In achieving this milestone, the Tecnam P2010 becomes the first known OEM fixed-wing aircraft fully approved by the manufacturer to use each and every fuel listed in our SI1070 Approved Fuels document”, stated Michael Kraft, Senior VP and General Manager of Lycoming Engines.

Paolo Pascale, Managing Director of Tecnam, confirms the benefits: “This provides the consumer with a great number of fuel options on the aircraft, and especially unleaded options which are not only better for the environment, but better for the engine as well”.

Go green, Go Tecnam!

For additional information and guidelines, please refer to Tecnam Service Bulletin SB 182-CS and Service Information SIL-2015-03.