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California Flight School adds 4 more Tecnam Twins to fleet

SEBRING (Florida, US) – 15 June 2017 Tecnam announced today that US based IASCO Flight Training (IFT) has placed an order for an additional four Tecnam P2006T multiengine aircraft. These will supplement the two P2006T’s already in service bringing their P2006T piston multiengine aircraft fleet to six.

Founded in 2006, IFT currently operates 37 training aircraft from its extensive Flight and Ground School Campuses at Redding Municipal Airport in California.

IFT is renowned for training international airline-sponsored student pilots supporting both US and China based airlines under the supervision of both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

With so many P2006T twin’s operating at leading global flight training organizations, US flight schools are seeing the advantages of the TECNAM P2006T when modernizing aging twin fleets.

The P2006T twin offers unbeatable value, coupled with low operating and ownership costs, innovative design and Italian styling. The Rotax ‘912S’ engines enable the Tecnam P2006T to lead with respect to the environment too. With remarkable fuel savings, lead free operation and much lower noise emissions, it has redefined both the flight training and aircraft ownership experience in one step.

“When we initially conducted our research on Tecnam twin-engine aircrafts, we strongly felt that they would meet our training requirements and prices were very competitive,” said Mr. Siubun Chu, President of IFT, “As part of IFT strategic development plan, we were looking to update the fleet and to replace our old Duchesses. We have had two Tecnam P2006T in operation for some time and have built our confidence in the P2006T and found the real world performance exceeded our expectations. With this new order of four more and the confirmed evaluation of the performance, it is our intention to place orders for two more P2006T in the near future to complete our twin fleet replenishment. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Tecnam and a prosperous future for IFT.”

Paolo Pascale, CEO Tecnam commented, “We are very proud to be the right solution for IFT and all of today’s FTOs. Our twin is a unique design in the market, ensuring reliability, costs control, pleasure in flying.”

IASCO Flight Training joins other worldwide flight training programs and operators using TECNAM P2006T in their fleet such as Purdue University, Alaska University, NASA (X-57 Maxwell Program), LOT Flight Academy (Poland), Bartolini Air (Poland), FAIR Flight Training (Czech Republic), Romanian Aviation Academy (Romania), Patialia Aviation Club (India), Wings Aviation of Hyderabad (India), Beirut Wing Flight Academy (Lebanon), Rabigh Wings Flight Academy (Saudi), EAS Barcelona Flight School (Spain), Italian Air Force (Italy), Dominican Republic Air Force (Dominican Republic), Baltic Aviation Academy (Lithuania), and more.