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CAPUA – Tecnam announced today that Air Paris Academy, France’s new innovative Ab Initio Pilot flight training school has placed an order for four Tecnam P2010 MkII aeroplanes with option for more.

Air Paris Academy (APA), based at Tours Airport (France) has selected the TECNAM P2010 MkII with the aim of establishing itself as one of Europe best equipped and largest FTO ensuring its students benefit from the most modern fleet of training aircraft.

The P2010 MkII Is powered by the Lycoming IO390-C3B6 215 hp engine.

The IO390-C3B6 enables the P Twenty-Ten to climb at 1,100 ft/m and a maximum cruise at 146 kts., providing 215 hp @ 2,700 rpm, coupled with a 3-bladed MT variable-pitch propeller. It has a high fuel capacity of 240lt, 63.4 US Gal.

The Tecnam P Twenty Ten is the first new single engine, high wing, four-seat aircraft from Tecnam that brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator.

Serge GOURLAOUEN, President of Air Paris Academy said: “The Tecnam P2010 with its noticeable performance, innovative technology and design is without doubt the perfect airplane to fulfill the Air Paris Academy teams ambition to train up to 150 ab initio students within five years.

Walter Da COSTA, Tecnam Global Sales and Marketing Director said: “This major acquisition reaffirms the Air Paris Academy endorsement of the superlative range of Tecnam airplanes. Their Tecnam fleet enables Air Paris Academy to offer their students the most cost effective training by employing state of the art aircraft, equipped with advanced avionics.”

About Air Paris Academy

Based on the experience of its team in the air transport business and training, Air Paris Academy offers an “air transport orientated” training program as a major component of its integrated ATPL. Gathering all components of an airline operator, Air Paris Academy aim is to prepare ab initio pilots for their future job in an airline. Created in March 2018, Air Paris Academy will welcome its first trainees by September 2018.

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